make your first impression a memorable one

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make your first impression a memorable one


Whether it’s a simple landing page or e-commerce site, our sites are like a sticky place where your customers and clients will not want to leave. As every business is unique, each website is priced depending upon your requirements.

2-8 weeks

  1. we understand your business’ goals and objectives.

  2. we provide a quote for you based on your requirements

  3. share visual references and purchase your domain name

  4. we create wireframes (visual mock ups of how the site will look) that will keep customers on the happy path and ensure that they behave how you want them to behave when visiting your site.

  5. based on your feedback of these wireframes we then collaborate with UX (user experience) designers to ensure that the website will be the best it can be. We make these tweaks to our wireframes and

  6. you sign off on these designs and add in any new pages and comments

  7. we begin the build with website developers

  8. you provide us with feedback on the first website build

  9. we work with that feedback to get it into a place that’s right for you

  10. you sign off on the final design

  11. we fine tune and then launch the website.

*you have up to three rounds of amendments within this process.

*websites start from £2,000 and go up to £25,000 depending on your requirements. 

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