Poster Design

Romany Dear is a contemporary dancer whose use of collective improvisation as a compositional method, highlights the grey areas that exist between how meaning is created, understood and read. The work continues her research into the relationship between notions of support and restraint, the author and performer, and the dance and the dancer/s.

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A visual identity for a diamond jeweller. We have created 16 different silhouetted shapes that can be placed in different arrangements throughout branding. The shapes also form a background for business cards, marketing material and packaging. This includes logo, typography, colour scheme, packaging and the build of a website. Work in progress!


"Alexandra worked with me on ADDS from a very early stage, quickly capturing its essence in a highly impactful logo and social media banners. I love the clean, deceptively simple lines and unexpected yet spot-on use of colour and shape. I thoroughly recommend Alexandra for careful listening, truly creative visualisation of a brand, and speed and reliability. She's an artist and it shows in her branding work. A delight to work with." - Tree Elven–