we host workshops for people who wish to learn new skills and for those who are curious about how to build brand narratives.

Hoxton, February 2018

Hoxton, February 2018

More than a Logo: Small Business Tools for Effective Brand Narrative

We teamed up with IdeaDolls to run a free, one-off workshop that enabled participants to build brand awareness and develop their own written and visual communication skills.

During this one and a half hour workshop, we taught participants the basic elements of copywriting, visual identity and brand narrative, after which they got to try their hand at creating their own brand. 

Craft in the Digital Age: Make your Own Typeface

In the 3 hour workshop we cover:

  • The history of typography

  • Introduction to Polish paper cutting

  • Ice breaker and warm up exercises 

  • How and why we use different fonts and their role in graphic design

  • Experimental papercutting

  • How to use a new software to make a font

The process will be simple, therapeutic, craft focussed and collaborative. We have run this workshop six times as part of London Design Festival 2018, including a specialist workshop with members of Headway East (a charity supporting adults with brain injuries). They will walk away with a tangible result that they can use again and again, as well as the feeling of wanting to do and create more.

This workshop is engaging, playful, relaxing as well as educational and practical.

London Design Festival 2018 and D&AD Festival, 2019

London Design Festival 2018 and D&AD Festival, 2019

Old St, November 2017

Old St, November 2017

Influence people’s decisions. Attract new clients, contracts and opportunities by developing a strong brand visibility and personal brand strategy both on & off line.


The way you communicate, the symbols and visual message you use is your key to success. Tell a story that captivates, influences and engages others and you’ll find steady flow of high-quality leads heading your way. Fail to convey the essence of your message, and you’ll find yourself floundering, as opportunities pass you by.

From the real world to the world of digital media, every part of your presence should let others know why they should choose you for business or personal relationships. This two hour, interactive workshop will give you the tools how to present yourself and your business in the best possible way.

The Business of Visual Culture

Anthropologist and Trainer Jasmine Gartner and Alexandra Lunn looked at the world of signs, symbols and unconscious biases to deliver an interactive workshop that benefitted small to medium sized businesses with their interpersonal and public communication skills. The workshop improved the visual communication skills of businesses who wanted to engage their audience; it provided an understanding of the visual nature of our unconscious bias, the cost to business of not addressing it, and how to use it to improve communication.

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