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September 2018

Craft in the Digital Age: Make your own Typeface

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May, 2018


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The way you communicate, the symbols and visual message you use is your key to success. Tell a story that captivates, influences and engages others and you’ll find a steady flow of high-quality leads heading your way. Fail to convey the essence of your message, and you’ll find yourself floundering, as opportunities pass you by. From the real world to the world of digital media, every part of your presence should let others know why they should choose you for business or personal relationships. This two hour, interactive workshop will gave participants the tools on how to present themselves and their businesses in the best possible ways.

November, 2017

The Business

Culture and design are inextricably intertwined. Deepening your knowledge of the former will improve your use of design as a communication tool.

During this two hour workshop, Anthropologist and trainer Jasmine Gartner and Alexandra Lunn looked at the world of signs, symbols and unconscious biases to deliver an interactive workshop that benefited small to medium-sized businesses with their interpersonal and public communication skills. We explored unconscious bias, how we see ourselves and interpret the world around us through signs, symbols and visual imagery. Attendees walked away with a strong understanding of what makes engaging content for their audience. The workshop improved the visual communication skills of businesses who wanted to make their content go viral.